Ultra Pollen (Formerly Multi-Pollen Extract)

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Quantum Multi Pollen Extract 45 Vcaps
Quantum Solution for Hormone Balance for Men and Women*
Flower pollen and pollen extracts have long been used for centuries for various health concerns ranging from fatigue to prostate to repro¬ductive issues. Pollen is collected as honey bees visit the flowers of seed-bearing plants, such as cereal grasses, to obtain nectar. Pollen contains a vast array of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other phytonutrients.
• Promotes healthy hormone balance and reproduction/fertility capacity*
• In worldwide use to boost athletic endurance and strength*
• Proven immune system builder*
• Promotes healthy prostate function, including free flow of urine*
• Supports healthy urinary tract performance, including healthy urination*
• Encourages liver detoxification
• Provides broad-range nutrients for healthy blood factors & arterial function*
• Promotes healthy lung, kidney and stomach function*
• Boosts natural energy and performance*
• Supports healthy menopause
People from many different cultures around the world have used pollen as a time-proven, natural way to boost the body’s energy and immune system. Pollen has been shown to be a proven antioxidant activity and quantum-state immunoregulator. It helps protect the liver and balance hormones. It also greatly increases energy. All these benefits with absolutely no side effects.



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