Hyssinol (Formerly Hyssop Complex)

60 vcaps
Price: $20.00


Quantum Hyssop Complex
A Premier Dietary Supplement: Immune Support
Targeted Immune Support for Nerve, Brain and Lymphatic System*

Key Benefits

•Comprehensive immune formula featuring premier quality European hyssop, the legendary purifying herb of the Bible
•Targeted immune support for the nerves, brain, lungs, liver and lymphatic system*
•Contains special glycosides called hyssopin and diosmine*
•Promotes extraordinary DNA rejuvenation and supports healthy histamine response, along with proven immune power*
•Especially useful during dental detoxification and dental concerns*
•Stimulates healthy blood circulation and supports normal blood purification*
•Supports liver detoxification especially during immune concerns*
•Excipient-free: no binders, fillers, glues or other toxic tagalongs as found in tablets and gelatin capsules

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a semi-evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and spikes of blue flowers. It is historically known as a sacred herb and has been cultivated in Central Europe for centuries. It has been traditionally used as a folk medicine for a wide range of concerns, especially providing support for the immune system, lungs, nerves and brain.




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