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Dr Moshe DekelDr. Moshe Dekel is the only HOLISTIC board certified GYN on Long Island and the tri-state area. He specializes in breast thermography, bio-identical hormone replacement, autism, ADD and ADHD, emotional stress like anxiety and insomnia, nutrition and all of your holistic health needs. Dr. Dekel is also a DAN certified (Defeat Autism Now) practitioner and works with bio-energetic medicine. 
Dr. Dekel practices in NYC, Beaufort, SC, and Savannah, GA, For more information please call Robin at 516-208-6617 or Dr. Dekel at 843-321-8447.
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To learn more about Dr. Moshe Dekel's wealth of experience, please read on ~
Dr. Dekel was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 1946. After High school graduation and three-year service in the Israeli air force, he graduated at the top of his class from Bologna University School of Medicine, Italy, in 1974.
Dr. Dekel came to NY in 1975; after finishing his internship at Long Island College Hospital and residency at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in Brooklyn, NY he started in private practice as an OB-GYN in West Islip Long Island NY. Dr. Dekel served for two years as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the OB-GYN department in Stony Brook, NY where he trained in infertility under Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, one of the foremost authorities in IVF in the world.
In his 28 years in private practice, he served as the chief of GYN surgery at the Long Island Surgi-Center, and as the Medical Director of the Long Island Birthing Center.
Later, Dr. Dekel investigated the new approach in Age Management Medicine, pioneered by CENEGENICS INSTITUTE, and decided to affiliate with it, in promoting prevention and optimization of the hormones that control and regulate the human body and its health.
Since stopping performing surgeries and deliveries back in 2000 he has focused his efforts on helping his patients, both men and women, achieve better health using functional medicine, bio identical hormones, nutritional counseling and nutritional supplementation.
In 2003 he introduced Breast Thermography to Long Island, a non invasive, non compression/radiation screening for breast cancer. To date, he is the only board certified GYN and thermography offering this modality in the north east of the US.
In 2006 Dr. Dekel was the first to introduce the “INDIGO”, a computerized bio-feed back device, especially designed to reduce stress which has an important role in every disease process.
For questions or appointment you can call Dr. Dekel at 516-208-6617.


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