HepatoVen (Formally Liver Complex)

60 vcaps
Price: $29.00


Quantum Liver Complex
Optimal Liver Support - For the Whole Family*
• The Best of the Liver Cleansers
• The Best of the Liver Boosters

Quantum Liver Complex -- Ingredients
Grade 10 Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum marianum)
• Contains silymarin (composed of silybin, silydianin, silychristine), betaine, trimethylglycine, essential fatty acids
• Centuries-old notable liver cleansing herb
• Contains well-researched phytochemicals to stimulate protein synthesis and boost liver cell rejuvenation*
• Research shows increased glutathione and superoxide dismutase activity for rapid liver support*
• Premier quality; no hybrids, no pesticides or irradiation



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