GI Protect - Wild Cherry

14.8 Oz.
Price: $46.00


GI Protect™ is a great-tasting combination of XYMOGEN®’s powdered IgG 2000 DF, a purified, highly concentrated (45%), very low saturated fat, dairy-free, consistent source of bovine serum-derived immunoglobulin antibodies, immunoprotein, beneficial growth factors, immune-regulating cytokines and L-Glutamine, an amino acid important for maintaining gastrointestinal and stimulated immune cell functioning. GI Protect™ enhances immunity by directly boosting immunoglobulin levels in the GI tract.


Immune Support (including during chemotherapy, strenuous physical activity)1,2
Bind and Neutralize Major Pathogens 3,4,5
Reduce G.I. Inflammation 8,9,11
Improve/Maintain Integrity of Gut Mucosa 6
Support Lean Muscle Mass 7,12
Reduce Cholesterol15


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