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Quantum Colostrum Vcap
What is Colostrum?
Colostrum is a special fluid secreted by a mother for about 3 days after giving birth. It is rich in protective life-giving factors, including multiple immune system support*
No synthetic hormones, antibiotic residues or other drugs. Reliable Immune Support for the whole family*

The Best Colostrum
• 100% Pure Whole Colostrum: Not defatted which compromises its intracellular transport
• From Organically Fed, Happy Cows : Not from commercial cows treated with drugs and synthetic hormones
• Low Temperature, Air-Dried : Not freeze-dried or highly heated
• Free of synthetic hormones and toxic chemicals
• Broad-spectrum immune system support* Contains human-active immunoglobulins with a whopping 21% minimum immunoglobulins (IgG and IgA)
• The richest source of natural MSM : MSM is a sulfur compound which helps promote a strong and healthy immune system*
• Rich in Lactoferrin (6 mg/gram) : Lactoferrin is a natural compound which helps to promote healthy oxygen transport in the blood
• Powerful, Immune-Boosting Compounds
Contains human-active Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA), lactoferrin, PRP (proline-rich polypeptide), glycoproteins, interferon, oligosaccharides, enzymes (including lysozyme and peroxidase), cytokines, probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillis Bifidus), transfer factor and multiple growth factors (somatomedin, somatotropin, transforming growth factor, etc.)
• Rich in the Elusive N-Acetylneuraminic Acid (NAA)Colostrum is the only known food source of NAA, one of the 8 healing sugars, necessary for optimal human physiology and growth. Although NAA is made by the body, levels decline with age and stress, leaving most people deficient. NAA promotes brain development, learning, memory and enhanced performance. NAA is an immune modulator and promotes healthy cholesterol within the normal range*

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